CBD oil patents more popular than ever, aiming to help dementia victims

Dementia can completely affect the memory and cognition of a person. The condition can also lead to a number of different psychotic disorders. Some recent research studies show that extensive use of CBD oil can significantly improve the symptoms of dementia and other types of Alzheimer’s disease.

Numerous neurodegenerative disorders are affecting people in every possible way today. The older citizens today in US are more susceptible to severe impair or loss of cognition than ever before. The impact of alarming statistics of dementia does not only affect people on an individual level, but it also substantially dampens the performance and productivity of the whole system.[1]

The costs for medical treatment of dementia are skyrocketing high. The statistics show extremely high prevalence of the disease in people. Around 25 million all over the world are suffering from dementia. The statistics are likely to double in the next 20 years.

With these stats, the situation has further worsened, because there are no suitable treatments available. The medical technology of today is yet to find a proper cure or treatment for dementia. Presently, all the treatments associated with dementia, and other psychological disorders are treated by symptomatic treatments as there is no other way.

People are now looking for natural sources, and ways to cure the symptoms. More medical practitioners are now suggesting the use of fresh agents to dampen the effect of dementia and Alzheimer’s. However, most of the natural agents do not completely impact the neurochemical reactions of brain to make a huge difference. However, there are some natural agents that can really help with psychological conditions, for e.g. CBD oil.

Role of Cannabidiol Oil in Treating Dementia

A scientific experiment was conducted on mice and they were given antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory CBD oil injections to understand the variation in treatment effects, the results were positive. The hemp plant is found in, and has been known to heal and lessen certain psychotic tendencies. The compounds of hemp plant include tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinoids receptors. The endogenous cannabinoids have been long known to help with multiple cannabinoids, and serve as neuromodulators. [2]

Scientific Basis and Evidence for Effect of Cannabidiol Oil in Treating Dementia

The cannabinoids also commonly known as CBD oil can be acquired from hemp plant. It is famous for affecting the absolute structure of brain [3]. It is known to affect the neurochemical structure of brain by influencing the movement of neuro transmitters in the brain. Unlike other components of marijuana, CBD is neither addictive nor intoxicating, and that is exactly why it is the most preferred for psychosis treatments.

CBD oil is extremely famous for its anti-anxiety, antipsychotic and anti-depressive agents, as shown in this CBD oil review. It can help in generating relaxing effects, while increasing developing confidence, elevating mood and diminishing the symptoms of dementia. A recent study conducted by researchers at Neuroscience Research Australia found that increased amount of cannabidiol oil can substantially enhance the cognitive functionality, memory and intelligence of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.


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